Noqra jewellery began as two ideas shared by two sisters. They dreamed of designing and selling jewellery that not only highlights the beauty of naturally-occurring Afghan gemstones, but also supports the Afghan economy by employing local Afghan jewellers. After much study in fashion, design and business, in 2016 the sisters were able to make their dream a reality with the launch of Noqra.

Conceptually, Noqra jewellery is characterised by clean, refined lines, mostly wrought in silver—pure elegance. But at a deeper level, their intention to benefit people who have suffered is a pure one too. This is what impelled the sisters to name the line Noqra, or ‘silver’ in Persian, because to them, silver is a symbol of purity.

All jewellery is designed by sisters and then made in Kabul by talented local artisans. These artisans hand-cut and hand-set the gemstones. The finished pieces are then delivered to Germany for worldwide sale and distribution.

In their own words, the sisters’ allegiance to design purity means that “We design pieces quite naturally, letting the gems, like lapis lazuli, take the centre stage.”

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